Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

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Why I'd like to Publish through the Traditional Route (Assuming they let me):


Wow. There has been so much written on this topic, and some people get really nasty about it.

I highly recommend some of the articles published on Nathan Bransford's blog about the topic. He's gone over it quite a few times. And there are other great sources of information out there. I recommend doing some real research before you decide either way.

My thoughts:
I've been writing for several years now. I've never gotten anything published. (I don't write short stories, only novel length books, so, for me, it's all or nothing.) To me, it's still worth it to keep trying the traditional route. You see, no matter how much I polish my books, I KNOW they could be better. And somewhere inside of me exists a dream that I will be the next big thing. To even have a shot at that, I'd really like to work with a professional editor and literary agent who can both help steer me in the right direction. So here's my list of why I'd like to go the traditional route:
  • I want to work with an editor (and possibly an editorial literary agent).
  • I'd like to have a beautiful, professional cover.
  • I'd love a title from someone who's (hopefully) better at naming books than me (it's one of my weaknesses).
  • I would like my book to be able to be reviewed by respected journals like Publisher's Weekly and the School Library Journal.
  • I'd like a shot at getting my book advertised, although I know traditional publishing can be very unhelpful in that respect. 
  • I also have a dream of holding a copy of my book in my hands, and I am WAY too cheap to pay to get it published myself.
  • Also, I just don't have the distribution sources that a traditional publisher does. I have a new blog and a few friends, and I just think I can reach more people through the traditional means.
So that is why, for now, no matter how many discouraging query letters I get back, I will continue to polish and re-write and send out letters and hope for the best.

*Nathan Bransford has lots of wonderful information for writers on his blog. He was a literary agent and is now a published, MG author. There is also a very friendly community on his blog.

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