Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some thoughts on Copyrights and Copyrighted Images

To Infringe or Not to Infringe: It Isn't Really a Question

Well, if you're on this blog you know I want to be a published writer. And if I achieve that dream, I imagine I'll have quite a stake in this whole copyright business.

That's why when I read this article by author Roni Loren, I started to think really long and hard about copyrighted images.

You see, I have a Tumblr account, and I had rather assumed that if you credited the artist/photographer whose work you were posting, you were golden, and with re-blogged posts I was even less careful. Who knows where those things came from?

However, after reading Roni's post, I am now fully aware that that is insufficient, which lead me to some soul searching. Should I really be irresponsible with other peoples' images when I want to be able to be paid for my own work? The obvious answer is no.

So then what?

I don't have a huge number of Tumblr followers, so I considered deleting my account. But, you see, I'd just gotten my Tumblr to look exactly how I wanted it (that took forever & shouldn't be knocked-it looks so pretty!), and I do really enjoy procrastinating by reading through my Tumblr feed. Plus, I want to write books for teens, and reading the posts of my teenaged followers has helped me remember what it's really like to be a teenager. That's invaluable to a writer.

So today, I've been slowly but surely searching through the creative commons for images that their creators have given us all permission to use. I'm going to build up a number of 100% legal posts as I slowly delete my old posts. I've already lost a few of my followers, but I feel very good about this decision (although not so good about how much work it is-but that's what I get for not doing it right the first time around). But now I know, and I WILL do better.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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