Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unexpected Inspiration

Aren't I regal?

Inspiration from the Internet (and Those Crazy Web Comic Creators)

As a writer, you can find inspiration in the most unexpected places.

I thought I'd share one source of inspiration today b/c I think it might inspire others (and it's hilarious, so it can't be a waste of time, right?)

My husband is a nerd (he's also very cute, very entertaining, and very wonderful), but he's an ex-World of Warcraft playing, spreadsheet making nerd. I love him, and I can't exactly claim not to be a nerd, just not in the same way.

Thanks to him, I got hooked on Red vs. Blue a while back, even though I don't play Halo.

I got him hooked on the web comic Girl Genius, but he's the real web comic fanatic. He's always followed Penny Arcade. Sometimes I understand Penny Arcade, and sometimes I don't, but today he was telling me about the webisodes the Penny Arcade creators put out that shows them brainstorming the strips. This, of course, was his lead up to conning me in to watching a few with him.

It is utterly fascinating to watch the creators take their lives and turn them into comic strips. This series shows collaboration at it's best. You can tell these guys have been working together forever. They have their system down pat. You watch them brainstorm, refine, and edit before your very eyes. There's some real writing there, but they have so much experience that they can just churn it out.
Plus, they're funny. I honestly find the webisodes to be much funnier than the comic strips, but maybe that's because I'm not quite nerdy enough.

I'm going to go ahead and recommend this episode (webisode, I guess) because it was completely hilarious. For the rest, they're under PA TV, but you have to look for the ones labeled "4th Panel." Warning: these are not for kids.

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