Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Building a Writer's Workplace and Not Going Insane

Happy Halloween, everyone!
I am very proud of the fact that I made this hat myself.
Also, this is before the costume is complete. It will eventually (hopefully) be Gandolf.

Full Time Writing

First let me say that I am not a full-time writer. I hold down a 40 hr/wk job. If I were a full-time writer that would be both awesome and also a risk to my sanity. As a full-time writer I'd have much more opportunity to focus on something that I love doing and that I hope will become my profession. However, I would also have ALL my time to myself. Less socializing, a less regimented existence, and potentially less sanity. I'd have WAY too much time to spend in my own head. Of course, I'd have to work something out. I'd probably help babysit my sister's kid both to make sure I got out of the house and to help her out. And I'd make myself enjoy a few more hikes in the nearby state parks. Things like that.

Yea for the Internet!

But forums and blogs and e-mails and really just the whole on-line world would definitely play a big part. Both with my writing and keeping my sanity. This amazing invention called the internet has helped to link people who will never meet in person and who never would have met out in the "real" world. As a writer it can help you read what other writers are doing, help you meet fellow, struggling wanna-be authors, and get you some awesome insight and advice. I personally am a part of the Bransford Forums (Nathan Bransford is a former agent and is now a middle grade author and social media manager-his blog has some really helpful stuff on it too). On there I can meet people, get feed back on my queries and excerpts, talk about random stuff, and generally feel like I've socialized with real, live people without leaving my bedroom or putting on anything other than my pajamas (which I'm wearing as I write this very post!). There are all sorts of online forums for writers, and many of them are completely awesome. There are also other ways of meeting people through the internet - like participating in their blogs, writing your own blog, using Goodreads, and of course the ridiculous number of social media sites out there.

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  1. Love the costume! It's been years since I've bothered dressing up.

    I totally agree, the internet has been an amazing thing for networking and finding like-minded people around the globe. I know so many people online that I wish were in-person friends!

    I also admire you for holding the full-time job and still making the time to write. I know from experience just how hard it is to be productive after a full day (or week) of work.