Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Favorite Places & Small Spaces

When I was a little girl, I used to take pillows and blankets and books and create a nest of sorts for myself in the bathroom (the only one in the house). I'd hole up in there for hours and read. And I'm not sure what was wrong with my parents' and sister's digestive tracts, but I don't remember getting kicked out of my nest very often.

Now, despite it's strategic location, I did not pick the bathroom because it was a bathroom. I picked it because:
1) It had a heater! I was (and am) a cold sort of person who really enjoys a good heating.
2) It was the smallest room in the house, and I love small spaces.

This post was going to be about how I love writing in small spaces, but then I realized it's not that I love writing in small spaces, it's that I love being in small spaces.

Our last apartment had a long walk-in closet (it wasn't a classy sort of apartment, I just don't think they knew what else to do with that space-it was long and awkward). And I'd create a nest for myself in that closet and read and write for hours. That was most likely where I finished my very first manuscript. (See? This is about writing, you just had to wait for it.)

And, very recently, we were working on our living room (staining some window trim), and my husband moved his computer out of the living room and into the smallest room in the house (barring the bathroom), so, of course, I followed him, put down a sleeping bag and some pillows, and now I am much happier than I was in that horrid, big old living room. Ahhhh, I didn't realize how much I missed my small spaces.


  1. I used to like that as a kid. My favourite thing was to build a tent over my bed and curl up in there. I still prefer smaller rooms to large ones, for reading or working. There's something cozy about a smaller space.

    And I'm also perpetually cold. My favourite spot in the winter is in front of the fireplace. :)

  2. Yes! I love cozy places, and in spring, fall, or winter, I love any place with a source of heat (fireplaces definitely included).