Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Magic & Powers

And I move with superhuman speeds!

From the Worlds of Science Ficiton and Fantasy: A Cool List

So I'm a fan of science fiction and fantasy, and I was thinking about all of the ways that you have have some sort of supernatural power in these worlds. I wanted to come up with a list before I wrote anything else science fiction/fantasy, so I have some options laid out before me.

I've read a fair amount, but I'm positive I've missed a few things (feel free to remind/berate me in the comments), but this is what I've got so far:
  • Magic
    • From nature/ley lines
    •  Inherent from birth
    •  From objects of power
    •  Learned/academic magic
    • From other beings, such as demons (either direct theft of their power or use of the demons to do your bidding)
  • Inborn Powers
    • (Obviously magic can be one of these)
    • Control over an "element," for Ex. Avatar
    • Talents, for Ex. healing, telepathy, clairvoyance
    • Supergenius, for Ex. Girl Genius of the eponymous webcomic
  • Superhumans/Mixed-breed humans/Mutants
    • Superpowers and superheros
    • Werewolves/animals. So many wereanimals these days.
    • Maybe vampires. I think they're kinda superhumans.
    • Scientific experiments, for Ex., Peter Parker (so there's a superheros again)
  •  Religious powers
    • Power from a specific God
    • The Force (Star Wars)
    • Reverend Mothers (Dune)


  1. Cool list. Kinda fun for brainstorming ideas off of. :)

    The only one that comes quickly to my mind that you might have missed is an implant/amplifier situation such as the "biotics" in the video game Mass Effect -

    1. You need to start signing these things "Saybe". And thanks for your comments! I always enjoy them.
      Good idea with the "amplifier" - it could probably fit under "superhuman" but is definitely worth a sub-bullet of its own.