Sunday, October 21, 2012

Writing Update 10-21-12

So I had thought I'd be sending out some more query letters this week, but I just got a very insightful critique on my WIP (work in progress), and instead I'm back to editing.

I spent Friday brainstorming and laying out an outline of things I want to add (and delete), and now I'm working on actually adding (and deleting) them. Oh, the drafts! The many, many drafts.

P.S. I color coded my outline and it looks like Christmas spit on my outline. Red=delete. Green=add. Christmas has very festive spit.

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  1. I'm glad you found it helpful! It's kinda frustrating when you're ready to move on with something and instead have to go back and revisit edits. But it's also really satisfying when your edits all come together and you can tell how much better it is as a result. I kinda went through that with my last one. Good luck with the edits. :)