Sunday, October 14, 2012

Writing Update

So my husband reminded me that I originally started this blog to chronicle my attempts to get published b/c IF I do become a published author it'd be cool to have a sort of timeline of what I was doing.

So, I'm thinking of doing quick Sunday updates in addition to more fun to read Wednesday posts. This one's a bit longer than I eventually intend them to be.

Here's where I'm at: I recently finished a fifth draft of my MG Fantasy because I needed to add more tension and a clearer villain from the outset. I also tried to get rid of all extraneous stuff from my first few chapters because they were dragging a bit (and I'm a little worried they're still too slow, but I feel like I NEED everything else).

I queried on both my third and fourth drafts of this book, and (according to my spreadsheet) I've already put out 21 queries, and not one of those got a hit. That was what helped me to realize I need to do something different. I'm sad I "wasted" 21 agents, but I re-revamped my first chapter, my plot, and my query letter, so here's hoping! And, really, I wouldn't have improved the book if it weren't for those 21 agents.

I also recently joined the Bransford forums to get online critiques of my queries and excerpts (and for fun), and I have one CP (critique partner) I don't know in person through there. I'm thinking of expanding that, but it is quite hard to write, have a life, keep up with social media, and work full time, so some weeks are slower than others, and I don't always get everything done that I'd like.

Wish me luck!


  1. That was my main reason for starting a writing blog, too. Plus also (thinking optimistically), when I have a fan base I think they'd like to be able to see where I came from, and be able to follow what I'm doing with my writing. I always find that fascinating with my favourite authors.

    Definitely know how you feel about "wasting" agents/queries - but you're right, it's actually helpful for making your materials stronger for the next ones you send. I sent out about 40 queries on my previous MS before I finally got to a point with my query letter/first pages that I got any requests.

  2. Exactly! I thought it would be cool to go back & see what all I tried and did before getting published if I actually got published (for me, and my readers, and for anyone interested in becoming an author).

    Of course, by this point, I feel like I've missed writing about half the struggle: actually getting through the first novel, learning about editing, creating your online presence, finding people to critique your work, and the much dreaded query letter. So no matter what, anybody reading this will miss some of the foundation, but at least I don't sound like a complete idiot when I write about writing now that I've been through all that.