Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For the Austen Fans Out There

You may not be able to tell, but I'm actually wearing two pairs of sunglasses here.
My future's so bright - I gotta wear two pairs of shades. ;) (For those 80's music fans out there.)

Today's Media Innovations (a.k.a. Vlogging Pride and Prejucide!)

It is so cool to see what people can do with the media resources available today. I just found a vlog based on Pride and Prejudice called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (It's on YouTube, here). It's fairly popular, so maybe a lot of you are already familiar with it. It's a really fun, modern re-imagining of, arguably, Austen's favorite work, and I am really enjoying it. It's sort of starting out as Lizzie's "complain about her mother" vlog, but they're going to cover all of the book, and it's done in a really funny and smart way.

It's amazing. There are all these resources out there if we're willing to reach out and master them (of course it always helps to have a little spare cash). It's also wonderful to see what sort of fresh and imaginative thing people can do with a classic that already has so many other spin-offs (movies, mini-series, books written as sequels, books or movies based upon the same basic plot (ahem, Bridget Jones), etc.)

Because I become overly obsessive with the things that I'm interested in, I, of course, wikipedia'ed the show (see here, if you're curious), and the only name that had a link of it's own was Hank Green's. He's John Green's brother, who most people seem to know about these days. Hank and John have a very strong online presence (which has helped make John's books even more popular, and I've seen some clips of him - he has some really wonderful things to say, and they're both pretty funny). But I just think it's fascinating that some people are able to turn their media-savvy (which seems to usually just start out as playing around) into a  whole profession. And, you know what? I think that's amazing. These are a few people who actually get paid to do what they love.

Edit:  I discovered that there's also a really cool, interactive site (here) that puts together all the vlog videos with the extras (for example, some info from the main writer, Bernie Su, and twitter conversations between Darcy, Bing Lee, and Caroline). Each character has his/her own twitter where they speak in character. This whole project was an amazing amount of work.

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