Sunday, December 30, 2012

Writing Update 12-29-12

So I haven't written one of these in a few weeks. I was thinking I'd do these every Sunday, but then I realized they'd get pretty repetitive and boring to read, so I decided to be a bit more sporadic with them.

I currently have five query letter pending. I also got three rejections from this most recent round of querying. One of the rejections was actually a really nice, encouraging rejection (weird but true). She told me that she'd definitely be interested in my manuscript if she hadn't just signed on someone with a very similar novel. So that gives me some hope. The current five, though, who knows. I might not hear anything for months (or they might be no response means no - I'd have to check my spreadsheet to be sure). Either way, I'm probably in for the long haul with them.

I've started to wonder if this MG Fantasy just isn't going to be The One, but that's no reason to give up just yet. If you quit too soon, you'll never know what could have been.

I've also started a new YA Fantasy. You know, I think it's pretty good, but that might just be my "Ooooohh, shiny new project" phase.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Trying to catch up on all my blog-commenting that's fallen by the wayside during my computer outage and subsequent flurry of work and deadlines... so only just commenting on this now. Wanted to say, though, that that one rejection is sorta encouraging. I've had a couple of those, where they already had a similar client.

    And yeah, making that decision to shelve a manuscript you believe in is really hard. I had to do that with the first one I queried; I LOVED it, I thought the story was exciting and the characters strong... but after several dozen queries and a few rejections on material, I finally acknowledged that maybe that story/my writing just wasn't ready yet. Fortunately, by that time I was halfway through revisions of my next novel and knew it was better and felt it would probably have a better chance anyway.

    I don't regret moving on. Although I'm still agent-searching, I think I'd rather land an agent and sell a book that is stronger because I've got more experience and is therefore more likely to get a larger deal and kickstart a career than keep pushing my earlier book that's good-but-not-great and end up with the 100th agent I queried and not sell it or sell it to a little press that I couldn't build a self-supporting career from. But maybe this is just me making myself feel better 'cause I didn't get much interest on that early novel. ;) I do still love the story, though... I think I might revisit it eventually and rewrite it from scratch now that I'm a better writer.