Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fangirling - the LBD

Hello, All!

I've had an unproductive week for writing. That's perfectly fine because I crammed so much writing stuff into last week that I think I deserved a break. It was also a disappointing week last week (writing-wise), so I deserve a break all the more.

So instead of talking about writing this week, I'm going to fangirl just a smidge. I've been following The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and I am completely obsessed. This whole thing is just ridiculous. They have Lizzie's video diaries, Lydia's (currently rather heart-breaking) video diaries, Twitter for each of the main characters and some side characters, Tumblr blogs for the main characters and a few side characters, and all of that in addition to the main website where they collect so much of this stuff together. It's SO MUCH WORK! I just cannot imagine. I'm so impressed by the scale of this and the fact that the audience gets to interact with the "people" in the stories.

And then there's the story. I know I've mentioned the LBD in one of my other posts. But I am just amazed by it all. Plus, of course, I've fallen completely in love with the story. Even hipster Darcy has won me over. And overly judgemental Lizzie (sorry - I'm not making these people sound appealing, but they are flawed and wonderful characters). And, as we all know, Lizzie will learn her lesson in the end. She's in the process of learning it now, and I am so invested in their romance that I just cannot wait for each new episode to come out.

Actually, one of the things that's impressed me is how they turned Lydia into a major character, and really made her more three-dimensional than the silly, boy-obsessed character she was in the book. You understand so much more about her, and she's truly sympathetic. So huge props to the producers of this show, to Rachel Kiley, and Mary Kate Wiles.

P.S. In entirely unrelated news, sometimes I like to sing little songs about myself. Today's song went a little like this (but with a rousing tune that pulled it all together): "I smell so bad, I smell so bad. I do not. Smell. Good." Needless to say, I am not at work today. (And I rhyme too!)

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