Friday, January 25, 2013

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

So! I've had a lot going on this past week or two, and I did not post at my usual time. For Shame! Oh La! (And any other odd or unusual saying you've heard seen in a book - sorry I personally can't think of any more, but I'm sure there are some great ones out there).

Okay, so I'm weird. Being weird is fun.

So, it's been a busy, busy week for me in the writing realm. I've entered all sorts of things on Cupid's website - she has a ton of wonderful opportunities out there for aspiring writers. Unlike my friend Saybe (Congrats to her!), I did not progress to the next round of Blind Dating (where your query and first 250 words of your manuscript are judged) and I'm gonna take it as a Sign of something I've been suspecting for a little while - my current manuscript is not quite Different enough - either that or it needs to be edited and have its differences played up (MORE editing - Maruaghughbuh!) So I think it's time to lay the book to rest for a little while. Fortunately I've got two other projects I'm working on!

BUT that's not what I really wanted to talk about because I just read this wonderful post about a woman who has traveled all over the place which made me think "What have I been doing with my life?" And articles like that are some of the best writing fodder out there. (And maybe some of the best living fodder too.)

I've been making myself read things that I wouldn't normally pick up because I think that, as a writer, it is really helpful to have a different perspectives on others' lives and opinions, and I have read some really interesting things that way!

Lately I've been haunting AskReddit (Reddit is a very interesting social media site that collects all sorts of odd things all stuck together in one place. Women, be aware that sometimes there are sexist assholes on this site, but if you stick to the front page, it's usually quite entertaining.). The AskReddit thread contains random peoples' experiences and opinions (some are liars, of course - it is social media, after all, but some are very interesting).

Today, for example, there is a post about teachers' experiences with helicopter parents, and maybe some day I'll want to write a character with a helicopter parent. And maybe I would never even have thought of it if I hadn't remembered a weird story from this AskReddit thread. Oh, and this one had some very sweet stories in it that actually made me tear up a tiny bit.

So, happy Friday, everyone! I'm going to go read about helicopter parents.

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  1. Thank you for the congrats! :)

    It is so hard to make that decision to retire something, but it helps if you've got another project in the wings. I went through that, too; queried the heck out of my first polished MS (novel #3; Stars is #6) and finally had to make the hard decision to move on. I still love that story, and may return to it and rewrite it some day. But you know what, I honestly don't regret doing that. That story was good, and probably would've done fine if it'd been published, but I've grown so much as a writer since then that I think my current novels are a lot stronger and cleaner and better-written. Plus I've got more experience with the writing process and can turn a book around faster now than I could then - a good thing when there'll be tight deadlines during the publishing process, plus also means if I sell well I might be able to put out two books a year, which would be better for income/building a career with. Anyway. Point being, retiring a book isn't necessarily a bad decision, as long as you keep writing new things.

    I got SO sucked into that helicopter parents thread. Oh. My. God. I can't believe those parents actually think what they're doing is reasonable.