Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Writerly Terms: WIP

So I thought I set this to post on Wednesday, but, as it turns out, I just saved it to my Drafts. Oh well, here you are, two days late:

This is a drawing of an adorable kitty cat I did for a letter to my grandma.
The title of this masterpiece is "Cat Drawing For Grandma" - I go all out with my titles.

Work In Progress

Isn't it kind of interesting that "work in progress" can mean very different things to different people.

Just for example, "Work in Progress" while you're driving home from work = "Noooooo!" because you will now have to wait for who knows how long before your road is cleared up enough that you can actually drive to your destination.

"Work in Progress", I have to imagine, on the door of a photography studio means "Don't come in here or you might ruin things." Not sure how many people actually use dark rooms any more, but I'm sure there's a few.

And then there's writers. "Work in Progress" or WIP to some. It can mean your fun hobby or the book you have your whole self vested in. Fortunately, we writers can be very polygamous on this count. Or maybe it's more like serial monogamists. When things start to not quite work, we become a bit disillusioned and grouchy. We can fall back in love, though - especially when some fresh new idea makes everything seem great again. Or we can just move along to a fresh, new relationship (manuscript). My friend Saybe Scott wrote a whole post on how writing a book can be like a relationship.

I was going to talk about my work in progress this week, but instead I got sidetracked, and now I'm going to go work on it. Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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  1. Hee. Thanks for the link. :) I love the idea of writers being serial monogamists. Although I think there probably are some who are polygamous, and I suspect once you've got a publisher this is more how you have to operate, drafting one, editing another, back to revisions of first, copyedits of second...