Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Writing, Oh Internet World

Well, it's been an interesting week, writing-wise. And by interesting, I mean challenging. And, by challenging . . . well, you get the idea.

My husband has been reading my MG fantasy, and he said that one part actually made him cry. He said the second third dragged (and nearly made him put down the book) but there was some really good stuff in there. Eventually.

And then a CP (critique partner) came back with my latest manuscript and her critique made me realize that maybe I was feeling so ambivalent towards it because it's not all that good. I'm setting it aside to think about later.

But I've just contacted another potential CP, and I need to have something to give her, so I've been spending the last three days doing a massive overhaul on my MG Fantasy because, well, it made my husband cry. And because I still love it. I'm chopping out sooooo much stuff. So much stuff, that I've got to say, I love. So it's a bit painful. Fortunately I've had enough of a break from this manuscript that I don't feel as attached to every last word. But I am definitely worried that I'm getting rid of some of the good stuff and leaving some of the boring stuff and that even after all this work it still won't be worth it.

In short, I'm un-retiring one manuscript and retiring another (at least for now).

And now let me tell you, Oh Random Internet Reader, why I'm telling you all these mundane details. In my most idealistic imagining, I think to myself that it'd be cool to tell the internet about all the random shite I went through while attempting to cobble together a good enough manuscript to get published. And I think to myself that maybe, years from now, when I am an enormously successful (or at least minorly successful) author, other people who want to write will read this blog and see just how many tries it really takes to get it right. To get to that one book that will get you through. And they will be encouraged by my discouragement. That, of course, is an ideal world. More probably I'm just journalling all sorts of mundane stuff that no one will ever read, but, hey, I have hope. I have dreams. And I'm going to keep on going.

Happy Writing, Oh Random Internet Reader!


  1. Your last paragraph, that's totally why I blog, too. I really enjoy following that stuff for some of my favourite authors, and looking back on the early days before their big success to see how they started out exactly where I am now. And as you say: hope and dreams that one day, we'll be there and people will be reading our blogs for inspiration. Keep at it! As Robert J Sawyer says, you WILL make it. :)