Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Writing Update 3-6-13

It's 2013! Okay, yeah, so it's been 2013 for over two months now, but, you know, some of us are just behind the times. Or preoccupied. Or just haven't written a writing update in 2013, and feel inexplicably  compelled to mention the fact that it's 2013.

So, my poor laptop is in the shop for repairs. I have everything backed up, but it's on a hard drive rather that out there in the Cloud, so I don't have access to my stuff right at the moment. This means that:
A) I don't have my normal picture for the top of this post, so instead you get a master Paint composition. I actually have a lot of fun with good, old Paint.
B) I normally do a blog post for Kristie Britt on the first of the month, but I started it, it's on my computer, and I plead the "broken computer" excuse, so I ought to have that for you next week.

As for my writing, I've mentioned that my one book I was querying (MG Fantasy) is shelved, possibly permanently.

I am working through a good edit of my YA Sci-Fi, and working on the query letter at the same time, but I'm not yet at the stage where I feel comfortable querying it. Honestly, I'm not entirely feeling this manuscript. However, that might be due to the fact that I've been feeling a bit down on my writing, and I've been trying to cram a lot of editing into some rather limited free time, and sometimes you just get sick of things (and people) you love.
(This update brought to you a few days after I wrote the above: I re-read the first few pages, and really liked them, so either the middle lags or I was just being too hard on myself. I can be extremely hard on myself, so I'm hoping that's it.)

I also have a YA Fantasy that I am not currently working on but have written about 2/3 of a first draft, realized it wasn't going where I needed it to go, took a break, wrote an actual outline, and then re-wrote about a quarter of the book. Then I shelved it again to try to get my Sci-Fi ready to go out. I'm excited about this one, but I feel as though I ought to give my Sci-Fi a shot first. Plus, the Sci-Fi is much closer to being ready to be queried, and I like to feel like I'm actually giving myself a shot by putting query letters out there.

So, that's where I am. I'm busy editing. I feel a bit stalled b/c I'm not ready to put out query letters, but I'm chugging ahead anyways. And some weeks that's just how it goes. Onward!

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