Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Lovely Little Break For Spring

I've been tippy tap tap typing so very much the last two weeks that the ring finger on my right hand actually hurts. I'm pretty sure it's b/c that's the one you use to so awkwardly hit the period key. Or just b/c I'm sad and pathetic. Critiques, query revisions, book revisions, and a resume revision are all in the works.

However, last week I took a fun little break to take a million photos of the flowers in my yard. Here are the highlights:

Because I was way too lazy to finish raking the back yard, I was rewarded by photos like this.
And this:

I think it's so cool how flowers can grow up through leaves.

I tried to get all sorts of action shots with bees, but bees are way less obliging than flowers. I did have a few successes, though. This photo is my favorite bee butt shot:

This one was my husband's favorite:

His comment was, "Wow, you really like taking pictures of flowers, huh?" Yes. Yes, I do.

I, however, liked this shot of the same flower better:

And one more, because I thought this was a cheery little bunch:

Happy Spring, Everyone!

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