Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Design!

Look at me, all cool and protected from that indoor sun.
I look ridiculous!

So I know that I don't have terribly many people following this blog (which is why I value you visitors all the more!)

However, my blog design has been driving me absolutely insane. Okay, so let's not dramatize things. Whenever I took a good look at the look of my blog, it annoyed me and I'd think to myself, "I really ought to change that."

It was just . . . a little ugly. I'd picked it b/c I wasn't a fan of most of the generic Blogger templates, and I didn't want to loose any functionality by importing a template.

I wanted something fairly uncluttered that was easy to read. Because blogs are meant to be read, of course!

I think there are a lot of lovely blogs out there with white writing, but I myself prefer to read black (or blackish) writing, and that was messing me up because I couldn't find a template I liked with black(ish) writing. So I chose this cool mappy template (one of the Blogger Watermark variety), and changed every single color of pretty much everything.

And you know what?

I like it! Maps are really freaking cool (especially old timey maps).

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