Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Few Pictures.

A Hairstyle and a Meal From the Backyard

So last week was busy with The Voice competition. This week I decided to take the lazy approach to blogging and use pictures.

For fun, I did my hair up in two Heidi-style braids pinned up and over my head. This is actually how one of my characters from Trapped In Birch Stew does her hair. She's a winged warrior, and it allows her to keep her long hair and yet keep it out of her way when she wants to go on the attack!

She's not particularly nice to my main character (Eric), but I like to think that she'll learn to like him in time.

Here is a picture of my hair all up kinda funky-like:

And, in other non-writing but kind of interesting news: we ran out of vegetables yesterday. (I promise, I'm going somewhere with this). Neither my husband nor I wanted to run to the grocery store. (Yup. We're lazy.) But I really wanted to eat something healthy.

That's when I realized that we have some edible stuff in our yard. My husband fried up some dandelion greens, and I made a violet green and violet flower salad. I also picked some of those wild onions/garlicy grass and tossed some into my couscous. AND I found half a pack of corn in the freezer. It was a scavenger hunt sort of meal, which is why I am so very proud that it turned out like this:
We had some salmon in the freezer too. Pretty, isn't it?

If you happen to grow nasturtiums, their leaves are delicious. They have a hint of horseradish (or something spicy anyway). We did not have any nasturtiums, and I was a little sad about that.

NOTE: Not all flowers are edible. Some are poisonous. There are some great books about this sort of thing.

And because I said this would be a picture-filled post, this is a nasturtium:
(Photo credit to geekybodhi.)

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