Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Writing Update of Sorts

I look so very pensive. I'm sure I'm thinking terribly great thoughts here. Wonder what they were.

Hello, Internet World.

And how are you?

Oh, really? Me too.

Oh, okay. No, not really.


And there we have it, folks. She's cracked. Gone round the bend. Gone a bit loony. And all sorts of other phrases.

You know it's bad when you're:
A) Talking to imaginary people (although perhaps it isn't so much that the internet people are imaginary as it is that they're not exactly responding to my conversational gambit above).
B) Talking about yourself in the third person. Always a bad sign.

I'm not sure whether I don't have that much to say or am just in a weird mood. I don't have anything terribly good to report, that's for sure.

I put out six queries recently, and have thus far received two rejections. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that my story line simply didn't grab those agents (that's a much more pleasant alternative than believing the thing you've poured blood sweat and tears into sucks). But, on the plus side, revisions are done and I've re-entered the Wonderful World of Queries.

So, wish me well, Internet World!

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