Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dragon Bait: A Work In Progress

This girl is a close approximation for Moura before the events in my book. Post-book Moura would not look quite so happy or care-free.
(Photo credit to Flam)


Working Title:

Dragon Bait.
Although I have changed the role of dragons in this book since I wrote this working title, so this may need to change eventually. But for now, my brain is quite convinced that this book is called "Dragon Bait."


YA Fantasy/Alternate History

Main Character:

Sixteen-year-old Moura Pearce


An alternate version of 1950's United States.

In day-to-day life, this world bears a close resemblance to our 1950's. However, there is an elite dragonmaster race who rules the world. (They have "pet" dragons, of course). The dragonmasters don't deign to dirty their hands with day-to-day rule. They have their underlings for that.

The genetically altered humans called Lamia are strategically placed throughout human government and corporations. No one knows exactly what powers the Lamia or the dragonmasters have, but everyone has seen them use their mind-control on humans.

Lamia Senator Darius McCarthy is leading the hunt against the Communist Reds, and Moura's father just made his list.

Plot Summary:

Moura Pierce's life has just collapsed out from under her. The day Senator Darius McCarthy names her father as a communist conspirator, her life goes up in flames. The destruction that engulfs her social life might be metaphorical, but the flames that destroyed her house were all too real.

Amid the burned out rubble of her home, Moura makes a decision. McCarthy has ruined her life, and she is going to make him feel some of that pain. Ideally, she'd open the world's eyes to McCarthy's lies, but if all she can do is make him suffer, that would be enough. Even that's asking a lot. Moura is just a teenager, and McCarthy has the backing of the Dragonlord himself.

Writing Progress:

Right at the moment I'm about 3/4 of the way through my first draft (this is a complete approximation). And then, of course, I have to edit. And then send to any CP I happen to con into reading my book. And then . . . submissions!

On the plus side, the paragraphs I wrote above are a pretty good jumping off point for a query letter.


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    You see, I am quite annoyed b/c I had this post all ready and raring to go, and then I apparently "saved" it rather than clicking on "publish", so it's actually only making it's debut here on 6/6/13, no matter what the header date says.

    Murgle! (This is a noise of frustration my husband & I like to use.) Double murgle!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen dragons places in the 1950s. Love it. ;) Much luck with the manuscript!