Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Science: Don't Be Afraid, Be Inspired!

That's me, looking soooooo cool!


Why I Write Science Fiction

So, I'd just like to take a little time to point out the fact that science is super-awesome-cool. And totally under-appreciated. (Not by everyone, just by most people. It's so easy to take for granted.)

I neglect proper science appreciation on a regular basis. I mean, I am sitting here, connected (potentially) to millions of people, writing on a rather small machine that is more powerful than the computers that would have taken up my entire house like 60 years ago. This thing in front of me is AMAZING!

 This ginormous computer is a remake of the WWII code breaker known as Colossus Mark 2.
(Source: Loz Pycock)

Then, there's the fact that if I want to know about something (completely random), I can just plug it into my search bar and, BAM! 
There it is.

You want to know how a real, live fire-breathing dragon would (hypothetically) work? Google. Search.
Dragon Science.

Cool, right?

I don't get those people who complain about the lack of hovercars. I mean, sure, they'd be totally awesome cool (new word of the day!). BUT back when those hovercars were conceived of, we sure as shit didn't have mini little geniuses who lived in our pockets and could tell us pretty much anything we wanted to know (I'm talking about your phone, people, not some genius-bred mice.)

And while I myself am (obviously) quite obsessed with the whole computer/phone/ipod phenomenon, science does all sorts of other awesome cool stuff.

Mammograms. Birth control. (Talk about a serious advance for women who wish to have careers/education/a specific number of children.) Moon walk. DNA Mapping. And I am sure that there are tons of fields I am criminally neglecting here.

This is some pretty awesome cool stuff. Can you believe some kids actually hate science class?
Okay. Yep. I can totally believe it too. I had a really boring teacher who once made me think I actually hated physics.

But that's my point. Cool people like me (uh huh) need to help everyone understand that science is awesome cool (obviously much cooler than me). And that is why I (sometimes) write science fiction.

I write a few other genres too b/c I'm a fickle person (who loves too many things), but today I just wanted to share a little of my appreciation for science with you.

BTW, not exactly sure how creative commons clipart credit works. Maybe I can just use it? But, hey, let's give credit where credit is due. Credit to studio_hades.


  1. I always appreciated Bill Nye, if that gives me any science credit :)