Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kids Are Wondrous Creatures

Hello, All,

I'm on vacation this week! So I'll keep this short and sweet.

Nathan Bransford pointed me toward this recent BBC Article about kids' writings. The BBC analyzed the 90,000 entries they had into their kids' short story contest, and they basically confirmed what I already knew: kids (especially kids who write) are pretty darn awesome.

Things become especially sad for the adults in the audience when the BBC starts making comparisons between analyses of adults' writings as versus these kids' compositions. For example:
Among the top five two-noun words for kids were "time machine", "space ship", and "tree house".
By the time people reach adulthood, these words have been replaced by the more mundane, functional terms like "car park" and "kitchen sink". . .

They go on to say that adults' work tends to be more "humdrum." Yah think?

For some reason (although I love cats), I was happy to see that the kids' work contained more references to dogs, monsters, and dragons than cats. Go dragons!

But at least adults aren't entirely lame:
[I]f we're looking for the missing link that unites generations, it appears to be "ice cream", which reaches the top five for both kids and adults.
Ice cream isn't nearly as awesome as dragons and time travel, but it is pretty darn delicious. Especially if it contains chocolate.

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