Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Villain - Mwah ha ha!

So I'm into the last quarter of my "first" draft of my WIP, Dragon Bait. (The first is in quotes because I've re-written the beginning about three times, but I still haven't made it to the end - I'm finally getting there.)

Now that I'm closing in on the end my villain really needs to pick up his game. I need action and conniving and all sorts of scheming craftiness (for both the villain and the main character). The villain's overbearing presence needs to be felt on pretty much every page, ratcheting up the tension.

Quite frankly, I always have difficulty with this part.

I mean my main character is pretty darn awesome. And why would anyone want to hurt her?

So now I'm struggling with the end where the action has to be non-stop, horrible things have to happen to my beloved main character, and I have to keep my villain evil and yet also believable.

So I'm plotting and planning and struggling my way through, always trying to bring each page back to the threat that hangs over my main character's head.

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