Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Draft: Complete!

This isn't what the dragons in my book look like (they look more like winged dinosaurs), but I love this little dragon drawing I did, so here it is again.


I am so excited right now. I'm riding that writing high. That "I'm amazing and I can do anything" high.

That's right. My first draft is DONE!

I feel so good about this one. I plotted it out, I already combined a few characters AND made certain my characters were relevant throughout the book. (I don't have many that pop in and then pop out of existence unless it's for a good reason!)

Each chapter is headed toward some event or conveys an idea that's important to the plot.

One guy who I had brought in at the end now shows up in the beginning and pops in toward the late middle and then comes back at the end. Continuity, baby!

And the ending! Oh, the drama and the horror and then the bittersweet note of hope!

And the idea itself isn't quite like anything I've heard before. PLUS, there are dragons! Dragons are just freaking cool.

As I'm sure you can tell (and read in the very first sentence), I am so excited!

I even have a query worked out (that will require some revising, I'm sure, but I've got to revise the whole stinking book, so I've got time.)

The Query:

In an alternate 1950s where everyday appliances are powered by dragon magic, DRAGON BAIT follows Moura Pearce after her father is named a Red-sympathizing traitor by the powerful Senator Darius McCarthy.

Moura's sent to live with her rich old aunt while her parents go into hiding. Sure, she gets some pretty cool clothes out of the deal, but for the first time in her life, she doesn't have her best friend at her side. Or her Mom to make her happy face pancakes. And just when Moura finally starts to fit in, McCarthy ruins it all by declaring that her new best friend is a Communist traitor! Moura sucks it up and helps her friend get away, but now she's an outcast all over again. With nothing left to lose, Moura's determined to make McCarthy pay. She's just not sure how. Yet.

DRAGON BAIT is a YA fantasy, complete at 72,000 words.

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