Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It's Wednesday, and I owe you, my dear blog readers, a post.

Unfortunately, I did not plan for this. No matter how many times Wednesday rolls around, I somehow manage to forget all about it.

So I am utterly and absolutely unprepared for you, O Wednesday Post. (So this is the sort of shoddy post you're getting instead of a well-considered and very informative post).

I will say that I've been critiquing someone else's book and getting my query critiqued, and I'm getting ready to start a major edit, so I've got some writing stuff going on. And perhaps I'll talk about that at greater length next Wednesday.

For now, however, you get this rather useless post. To make it a wee bit less useless, I have added one of my favorite photos from my honeymoon to New Zealand (a super cool place to visit, BTW):

 I take it back. I couldn't choose just one. So here is one more:

If you ever get (or can make) the chance, I highly recommend visiting. Happy Wednesday!

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