Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Getting It All Together

(I've gotten bored with photos of me, so I'm thinking I'm going to use Creative Commons photos of Dragons for a little while. Starting with this one:)

(Photo by Devra)
I picked this dragon because he looks just a little bit panicked. Like me.

I've chosen five agents for my first round of query submissions. I hear that's a pretty good number to make certain you aren't shooting yourself in the foot with a bad query.

I spent this weekend working on a synopsis, re-reading my first ten pages (again and again), and re-revising my query letter. And, of course, making all of my friends and family weigh in on my query letter and revised pages. (Sorry, dear people who like me. I'm glad you tolerate me so well.) I'm still waiting on some feedback, which is partially why I have not actually sent the query letters out (nerves might factor into the other part; plus, you can always keep revising. Knowing when to stop is one of the hardest parts.)

I am nervous as hell to get this first round out there. Yes, I do have a spreadsheet full of agents, and I know rejections are common (and often subjective). It's a competitive marketplace, and not everybody likes the same books. And yet rejections always feel pretty darn personal for the first few minutes/hours/days (depending on mood and level of hope). There's always that niggling voice that says, "If this was any good, somebody would have wanted to look at it." So the experience is a bit terrifying, and I might have been hiding from it, just a little bit.

I've been through this process before. I know there is always something you can do to improve your submission. And a set of rejections might just mean I'm not sending my book to the right people. Still, rejections are depressing as hell.

But no matter my level of trepidation, some time in the near future, once I've gotten my query letter and pages back from my last friend and polished my last sentence, I will be sending my book out into the world.

Wish me luck.

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