Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oh, Canada

Remember how I said I was on vacation last week? Well, I was out in the Canadian Rockies, and I've got the gorgeous pictures to prove it. I figured I'd tell a short story with my pictures. This is a writing blog, after all.

(Many thanks to my husband for letting me use photos where he looks just a tiny bit silly.)

Oh, Canada, aren't you pretty?
Lake Louise, Alberta

And pretty freaking cold.
My chilly husband up above Bourgeau Lake, Banff

But, Canada, I like you.
Me! At Johnston Canyon, Banff

Even though you snow on me.

I can still see pretty sights while my heated carseat keeps my butt warm.
Icefields Parkway

And while I'm stuck behind slow RVs.
Icefields Parkway/Banff

But, please, Canada, keep the bears away from me!

Okay, Canada, you're still pretty and majestic and all that.

But I gotta go home.

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