Wednesday, December 25, 2013

An Affection for Vowels: Character Names

Oh, what glorious hair I have!

Naming My Characters

I spend a lot of time surfing through names websites when I have characters to name. Just the other day I googled "Old Fashioned Boy Names" because I wanted to give a boy a middle name that he'd find embarrassing. Of course, when its your own name, it is so much easier to be embarrassed by it. I'm leaning toward Virgil, but I might consider something a little more innocuous that most teenagers would be embarrassed by simply because teenagers are typically easily embarrassed. Archibald and Ignatius are also in the running

Dang, and I just googled "Embarrassing Middle Name" only to find out that I'm subscribing to a trope! Oh well. I have my reasons.

Appealing Names

While I was surfing the names sites, I realized that I have a real affection for names that start with vowels. I feel like they are typically better able to rhyme or at least have a very pleasing rhythm to them. For example, I named one character Eric Ortega. His sister (half-sister) was Alyssa Barnard. And, in general, I just like vowel names so much that I tend to try to move consciously away from them so I don't end up with a ton of characters with similar names.

I also have a tendency to lean toward one or two syllable names. Eric. Alyssa. Moura (from the book I'm currently re-revising). I like names that nobody's going to trip over. I actually feel like that's a good quality. In books that I read, I like names that I can actually pronounce (or try to pronounce) without feeling like an idiot.

A Potentially Embarrassing Situation

And while I'm on the topic of names, I've realized that anybody who catches me at my naming craze would probably think I was pregnant because the best name sites are baby name sites. So that's just one of those kind of funny things that could turn out a little embarrassing if I'm caught on a baby name site at work. Or elsewhere. I've already warned my husband that this is why I spend so much time on baby name sites. ;)

In closing: if you celebrate it, Merry Christmas! If you don't, Happy Wednesday!

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