Wednesday, December 4, 2013

One Last NaNo Post (for now)

Happy December, Everyone!

November is over, and I did it, Baby! (Think Austin Powers)

(Photo credit to George Thomas)
Lego Dragon and Knight fighting it out in downtown Disney.
(Although that fire looks a little like spew if you ask me - it's the green tint.)

On November 28th, I finally tippity tap tap typed my way to 50,289 words, and then I put my computer away and went off to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family.

I desperately wanted to make it to that rather arbitrary goal of 50k, and I kept hacking my way through, but I kept feeling like I really wanted to stop and make some necessary plot adjustments.

So now that I've got some sort of basic plot down (and yes, I did do a lot of outlining beforehand, but some things get moved about as I write), I need to go back and:

  • Make my world cohesive (you know, like use the same made up words throughout)
  • Add in more scenes that describe my world and make it feel real: I need more grit!
  • Make my characters speak and behave the same throughout: Cohesion!
  • Add in more tension
  • Have my main characters interact more (so we understand how they all feel about each other)
  • Add description (I just don't like describing things, so I have to pay attention to that)
  • Add in foreshadowing 
  • Add in more world-specific elements (What's the point in having dryad type people if we never see them?)
  • Rethink my ending: It needs more umph! And more build-up.
Basically, I'm going to write down my current outline and figure out where I should start adding things in. I'm going to really visualize my world so I can describe it better and make it feel like it's the same world throughout. And I'm going to figure out how my characters and places fit into the scheme of the world as a whole and make that clearer.

So, I've got lots to do, and lots to dream up.

But before I do that, I need a good long break. Fortunately, we just bought a ton of Legos, so I've got plenty to do. ;)

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