Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Legos and an Unusual Wizard

Instead of talking about all that writing jazz, this week I'm going to share a few fun photos. Just because.

The first photo is the best (why save the best for last?)

One day I came home from work to find our coffee maker dressed up as a wizard. (This was my husband's doing. We don't have little wizard-making gremlins running about our kitchen.) It was awesome. Here's a picture:

Okay, so actually it was two pictures. I had to be sure to get the wizard's best angle. Wizards are particular about that sort of thing.

Consistent readers of this blog may recognize the hat. I actually made that wizard hat for my Gandalf Halloween costume two years ago. I am very proud of this awesome hat. (Even though I never thought of using it to make a coffee maker wizard.)

In other news, my husband and I recently created a Lego TreeCastle (Like a Treehouse, but in castle form). Here's a photo:

And, because, obviously you can't have a castle without an action shot:

Help! The dragon's attacking!

Okay, so hopefully you were entertained. Next week I may actually get back to talking about writing. Or perhaps I will share a how-to on making a top hat. (I made a top hat last weekend. It is a very cool hat.) But I promise, sooner rather than later, I will get back to the main topic at hand: writing. But query letters are a scary business, and I need a little break from writing about writing. At least on this blog. I'm still working on my YA Contemporary, though. I have not given up!

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