Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Linky Post

One day I took a whole bunch of weird photos. This is one of them.

Lots of Writerly Types do posts were they link to cool stuff on the interwebs. One of my favorites is Nathan Bransford's "The Past Few Weeks In Books." He links to a lot of fun and interesting stuff happening in the writing industry. And there are tons of other, wonderful examples out there.

Today I've decided to take a page from this well-tread book (mixed metaphors, sorry), and I'm going to link to a few internetty things I've been enjoying this week.

For Harry Potter Fans:

  • First comes an article on why Neville Longbottom is both the anti-Peter Pettigrew and also super awesome in this post from Tor. It was oddly touching.
  • From the same site comes another article defending Ron Weasley's importance in the Potter trio (and accuses the HP screenwriter of giving all of Ron's cool lines to Hermione.)

For Writers:

  • There's the very concise 8 Writing Rules of Kurt Vonnegut, which includes the ever relevant advice not to waste your reader's time (hopefully I'm doing okay there.)
  • Another favorite (I've seen it a few places, sorry if you have too) is a Pixar former employee's 22 Storytelling "Basics." It's an oddly fun read.
  • This post talks about Amtrak's new, unofficial writing residency. It's not yet open to applicants, but apparently they're letting some lucky writers travel on their train just to write. The first writer traveled from NY to Chicago and back again. Apparently it was a productive trip.

For Adventurers:

  • Or for the people who like to travel from behind the screen of your computer. YA writer Maggie Hall and her husband Andrew are traveling the world for a minimum of 6 months (final timeframe yet to be determined). They're taking photos and writing posts, and I thought the whole thing was very cool.
  • I've found lots of fun articles on, and 7 Things No One Tells You About Moving To A New Country is pretty darn entertaining. The author discovered he had a dual citizenship through the process. Here's one line that made me laugh: "We brought two cats to the U.K., and it would have been less hassle to invade part of the coast and declare it a sovereign feline nation."

For Gamer/Comic Nerds:

  • I'm going to defy the rules of bullet points b/c I only have one things I love in this genre (my husband makes a much better nerd of this variety). I absolutely love Penny Arcade: The Series. Penny Arcade is a gamer's online comic strip, and this is their reality TV series. The Fourth Panel episodes show a truly entertaining working relationship as Mike and Jerry hash out their comic strip. The other episodes show what else the Penny Arcade company does. It's not PG, by the way, but it is truly, oddly entertaining.

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