Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Evil Snowman Overlord!

So much snow!

Snow, snow, snow. This last batch was particularly good packing snow, so, at my husband's insistence, the snowman making commenced! I'm a little sad I didn't document the process. It involved trekking into the backyard to be certain to get enough snow to make one of the largest snow boulders I've ever seen. (The snowman was built in the front yard.)

Ramps were involved in the effort to get the second ridiculously enormous snowball up onto the bottom one. A few tries were necessary.

And then came the head. I had to empty a mustard bottle to properly squirt dyed orange-red water into the glowing, evil eyeball sockets.

Then genius struck. An evil overlord snowman without a decapitated snowman head on a stick? Outrageous!

Here are the pictures: (Yeah, so I didn't get back to writing about writing this week either.)

The Evil Snowman Overlord Commands All She Surveys!

Decapitated Snowman is so sad.

Here I am for scale. See? Ridiculously huge snowman.

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