Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sassy Tails and Sabriel

Did you know that google imaging "sassy cat tail" will NOT bring up a helpful selection of sassy cats with particularly sassy tails? I know this because I was attempting to draw one of my all time favorite characters: Mogget of Sabriel fame.

Mogget is a sassy, sarcastic and cryptic cat. Oh, and he's magical. Cool, right? I think so. Here is my interpretation of Mogget when he's feeling thoughtful:

Sabriel (the book) is centered around Sabriel (the character). The book's actually almost 20 years old, so it definitely beat the current generation of YA zombie books to the shelves. Not that Sabriel's opponents are actually called zombies, but they're walking, rotting, soul-sucking Dead bodies who are intent on killing her, so I'd say they're pretty much zombies.

Here's another Mogget drawing of mine (minus the whiskery mustache):

All of this is leading up to me saying that I have entered into a Blog Hop, hosted by the Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. And, assuming I can figure out how to host a give-away by this weekend, I will be giving away a copy of one of my all time favorite books from one of my all time favorite YA series: Sabriel.

Feel free to comment upon what an awesome book Sabriel is in the comment section below. ;)


  1. Sabriel is probable one of my favorite books! Sabriel herself was such a kick ass character/heroine! and Mogget is one sassy cat!! lol
    Michelle ~ Book Hangovers Blabs Books

    1. Yeah. Sabriel is the best kind of heroine: totally kick-ass.