Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Very Own Dragon

The book I'm almost ready to start querying again is set in a 1950s where dragons rule the skies.

I've tried to do things a little different. One thing I changed up was what dragons look like. They breath fire, but they're more closely related to dinosaurs and birds in the way they're put together. (In case you didn't know, it's pretty well accepted that birds are the most direct descendants of the dinosaurs alive today. Here's an article on it.)

I spent this weekend putting together my very own imagined dragon, complete with feathers, talons, and bat-like wings (somewhat similar to the wings of flying dinosaurs). I'm rather proud of it.

The one thing I'm not entirely happy with is the dragon's nose.

I intended to make it a lizard nose (like this cute lizard's) and not a beak, but I couldn't get the lizard nose to look right, and I liked the idea of a beak like a turtle's. So I went with the beak, but I'm still wondering if the lizard nose wouldn't look better.

So that's my dragon.


  1. which lizard is that (the one with a cute nose)? I'm trying to draw a lizard as well and I would like to find other similar pictures

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