Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shakespeare and the Invention of the Elbow

Yup. Still going strong with the "Glove on Head" photo series.

I'm waiting on query responses and sending out queries and it's a rather disheartening process, so I'm going to write about something completely different.

Reddit: The Backstory

I may have mentioned (quite a few times) that I'm a bit of a Reddit addict. I waste far too much of my life on that site. But sometimes I learn cool stuff and see awesome pictures. I'm pretty that Reddit was where I saw a video about words that Shakespeare invented. The invented word that stuck out the most for me: elbow.
(I considered putting in a terrible pun about an elbow jabbing me right here, but I refrained. Please go ahead an admire my fortitude.)

Funny Elbows

My husband's commentary was, "What did they call it before Shakespeare? The bendy bit on the arm? No, not the wrist, the other bendy bit!"

Sorry. My husband has deluded me into thinking he's clever. He makes me laugh, and that's really what counts, right?

The Actual Shakespeare Resource

My somewhat random but still writerly-related link for the day is this site:

The site has Shakespeare's complete works, like, yanno, his plays. Which are, of course, out of copyright and quite legal.

And then there's their nifty list of words Shakespeare invented. If you're anything of a word nerd, this unreal, majestic list will cause utter amazement, even from the most obscenely jaded. (Oh, just go read the list for yourself.)

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