Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Peachiest Pairings. According to Me.

I spent a little while asking around about people's favorite couples. I wanted to sit down and look at a list so that I could analyze what made these pairs work because I want to write couples who people really enjoy. I did a few Google searches, and I wracked my brains. I did not limit myself to romantic pairings. Among other things, there's a sibling set on this list, and it's not a Game of Thrones set of siblings. Get your minds out of the gutters, people.

For me, I've realized that a history together and a sense of humor are two key factors. I've also noticed I have a thing for contentious couples.

There was an incredibly sweet and personal Reddit post about how you feel about the person you love. It's worth a read. It was written in response to a woman who doesn't feel like she's attractive, and the poster explains that how no matter how she sees herself, the person who loves her will see her differently (better).

I also happen to have an undying paranoia about copyright violation, which is why each pair is represented by my very own stick figures rather than by famous images of the couples in question. Sorry if the image isn't always the best, but, hey, at least they're my very own. Also, both my scanner and my camera died, so ingenuity was used and quality was sacrificed.

Best Couples of All Time: A List by Sarah Hipple

One of the most famous couples of all time. Ms. Sass and Mr. Stick-up-the-ass:
Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy are a predictable favorite of mine. I’m among the millions who can’t resist them. Sadly, my eraser created a bit of a gray smudge that I couldn't get rid of. Fortunately, Lizzie's too busy stomping off to notice.

A man known for his sweaters. A woman known for her smarts:
Heathcliff and Claire Huxtable. With their sense of humor and crazy family, the Huxtables are incredibly endearing. They're great parents too. Oh, and in case you were wondering, those blue and green squiggles are meant to be a Cosby Sweater. Squint your eyes. You might see it.

That Blue Hair. That Yellow Skin.
Homer and Marge Simpson. I saw them on someone else’s list, and that’s when it struck me: their family is occasionally dysfunctional, but this couple really cares about each other even after years of marriage and three kids. That's amazing.

Whistle, Click. Worry, worry.
R2-D2 and C-3PO. A friend mentioned this pair, and, you know, despite the fact that one’s a paranoid worrier and the other one doesn’t speak English, I love them.

The Liar and the Saint:
Olivia Carsington and the Earle of Lisle are from Last Night’s Scandal by Loretta Chase. Yep, an out and out romance novel (and not of the classic variety). Some people scorn the things, but I’m addicted to couples who’ve known each other for years, and this one was perfect for me. Not for the kiddies, though.

Mischief and Magic:
Fred and George Weasley are two of my husband’s favorite characters of all time. I’m pretty certain my husband would classify the death of Fred Weasley as one of the most tragic events of the last century. My husband deals with it by living in denial. I believe I once mentioned that the book in our house claims that it was a little known Weasley brother named “Sam” who died. I've got to admit, they are pretty darn awesome.

Imagination and Tuna:
Calvin and Hobbes are another pair included b/c of my husband's love for them, and I can’t blame him. This cartoon is genius, and these two are the best of friends, even if one is imaginary.

Song and Dance:
I have a weak spot for the adorable Kurt and Blaine. I may not follow Glee these days, but this couple was really sweet. And would break out into song for little to no reason. I'm still not completely sure if that's a pro or a con.

Class and Cary
Tracy Lord and C.K. Dexter Haven. Cary Grant is gorgeous and funny. So is Katherine Hepburn. It's been ages since I've had a chance to watch The Philadelphia Story, so I hope I'm not misremembering how great they were together. As for the plot: this is another pair who've known each other forever. They even went through a divorce. Watch the movie.

Sarah and Nigel (I'm reading; Nigel's on the computer:)
This list is highly personalized and subjective, so you know what? I'm including me and my husband because we are my own personal favorite couple. I'd hope that everybody's relationship is their own favorite relationship. Plus, that rounds out the list to 10 couples. Perfect harmony is achieved.

Let me know who your favorite couples are. I'm sure they're different from mine. Within Harry Potter alone, I had three different couples mentioned, and I only asked four people!

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