Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Whimsical Cake for Me

As a special treat, my husband took me to a nice restaurant, and the desserts were amazing - very delicious and almost too amazing looking to eat.

Here was Nigel's dessert:

If I remember correctly, it was a honey flavored ice cream that was so freaking good set on top of a little cake and covered with some baked meringue. A honey bee baked Alaska sorta deal.

And here is my dessert, with Nigel stealing some of it.

It was chocolate mousse inside and quite delicious, although by this point I was completely stuffed. Everything was edible, but I was informed that some of the flowers tasted a little bitter.

They weren't too bad, but the mousse was definitely the most delicious part.

And that's all you're getting for this post. I felt our desserts deserved a post all their own. I mean, honestly, they were gorgeous.

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  1. Yum! John and I went to a new restaurant, Harvest, tonight. The desserts weren't as pretty, but the food was delicious. We should all go sometime. And we need to go back to that BBQ place. I'm not hungry, but now I'm hungry thinking about yummy food. I blame you and your pretty dessert pictures.