Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How I'm Like A Two-Year-Old

I'll admit it, I can be kind of annoying. You know that stage in life where you're always asking, "Why?" or "Why not?" I never completely outgrew it.

This image came up when I search the Creative Commons for "Why"
I laughed.
So here it is.
(Photo by Patrick Wilken)

Because I do have a certain level of social awareness, I try not to always ask the question when it pops into my head, but watching movies with me can get irritating if I like you so much that I'm truly comfortable around you. I always want to know why someone did something.

Don't worry, I try to give my friends, family, and husband a break sometimes (I worry less about my husband; he's stuck with me). I sometimes make a real effort to watch movies without talking, just as a kindness to them.

I ask the same questions when reading books, but since the only person I can reasonably ask my questions is myself, I'm less annoying in that scenario.

(Photo by BuzzFarmers)

You wanna know what really bugs me?

There are way too many times when there doesn't seem to be any real answer to the "But why?" question. I don't know. Maybe I'm just missing it. I can be oblivious sometimes. But sometimes I think the writer's answer to the "Why?" question is just "Because." Situations like that make me grind my teeth in annoyance.

I try really hard not to be like that, to the extent that I come up with really long and complex back stories to explain some of the smallest stuff in my novels. It's kind of ridiculous, but it makes me happy. And, to be perfectly honest, if you ask me "Why?" about something that I actually hadn't considered, I'm more than happy to make something up.

Because I am in love with the question.

This image came up when I searched "Perché". I went with it.

Just for fun, in Italian, the best word ever is "Perché?" Or, if you want "But why not?" it's "Ma perché no?" I have been attempting to learn some Italian. I may not understand the answer, but at least I can ask my favorite question.

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