Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Library Obession

(Photo credit to Samantha Marx)

For the past few years I've been on a mission: let people know that libraries loan out e-books. You can use the library without setting foot a library ever again! (But, really, why would you do that? Libraries are awesome).

Here are a few of the reasons I'm so obsessed with this fact:
  1. I love books.
  2. I love libraries. 
  3. I love free things.
  4. I'm pretty lazy.
  5. It is crazy convenient. I can decide one moment that I want a book and then one minute later, I can be reading it!
  6. I'm pretty much inseparable from my laptop, and now I can read and keep it close. (My preccciiousss.)
  7. You can try a book you just aren't sure about, and it's no big loss if it sucks.
  8. Surfing through books online feels more productive than surfing through movies on Netflix.
(Photo credit to Jason Mrachina)

Lately, when I've been talking up libraries to my friends and acquaintances (yes, this is something I really do), many of them have said that they're too busy to go to the library. And while one part of me (the part that adores libraries) wishes to scoff at this, I do understand. I can get that way too. But now that libraries loan e-books, there are no more excuses!

This message brought to you by a library-obsessed reader.

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