Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Photo Highlights of My Italy Trip

Hello, All.

I posted a little while ago about having decided to go to Italy. Well, I just got back!

I'd scheduled a few posts while I was gone b/c, you know, it's not really smart to tell everyone on the internet that your house is empty.

Anyway, I've got a ton of post-vacation things to do (like sleep, for example), but I intend to write a few Italy posts over the next few weeks b/c I've been feeling kind of un-inspired on the writing about writing front, and because, you know: Italy.

So, here's the really quick photo tour of my trip.

First we went to Rome (Roma in Italian):

Nigel at the Colosseum
My Husband at the Colosseum

the Forum ruins
The Forum
(by the Colosseum)

St Peter's Basilica
Inside St. Peter's Basilica (The Vatican)
Here you get some idea of the crowds. These placed were packed.

funny looking guards
The Vatican guards wearing their funny uniforms.

We used trains to get everywhere. Oh, and we walked a lot. Our next stop was the very cool medieval town of Sienna (Siena in Italian):

streets of Sienna
Sienna had these narrow, super cool windy streets.
There was also a ton of laundry hung out of windows, which was oddly picturesque.

Il Duoma Sienna
Sienna's Cathedral, Il Duomo
(Which just means "The Dome" and is also the name of the main Cathedral in Florence)
This place was absolutely packed with art. It was every-freaking-where.
Oh, and it had a Michelangelo and a Donatello or two.
You know.

drinking wine in tuscany
Nigel drinking some Italian wine out on the super awesome patio of our hotel, overlooking the Tuscan countryside.

Then we moved on to Florence (Firenze), although we were sad to say goodbye to beautiful Sienna.

Florence view

italy ponte vecchio
Ponte Vecchio

super fancy museum
I love art. I absolutely do, but this is what the museums were all like.
So even I got seriously overwhelmed by the sheer amount of art there was to view.
BTW, in the middle is Ruben's The Consequence of War.

Next stop: Venice (Venezia)

venice canal sunset
It was a quick stop, but we loved it.

Last stop: Cinque Terre, a set of five seaside towns set into the mountain-scape itself.

Vernazza Italian seaside town
See? Aren't they crazy?
You can sort of see some of their vineyards chopped into the mountainside itself.
Oh, and some of their pirate defenses!

sarah and nigel by the sea
The water was gorgeous. The sun was bright and so warm, but it was also super windy.

tiny italian truck
Also, Italy had some tiny trucks.
I did not manage to get a picture of the tiny garbage trucks, but they were adorable.

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