Wednesday, December 3, 2014

In Which I Tell You Three Things

Sarah in Venice at Night
Yep. This is me, hanging out above a Venetian canal. As you do.
(It was super awesome.)

One: I'm Done!

Happy December! National Novel Writing Month is over, and I finished my NaNo goal - I completed my re-write of my MG Fantasy, Dragon Bait. Here were my last stats:


The fact I actually managed 1,249 words/day made me quite proud.

Unfortunately, this puts my new draft of Dragon Bait at 71k. And since it's intended to be an upper MG novel, that is way too long (Although, I will take this opportunity to point out that the first Harry Potter, which was not crazy long, is 77k).

So next comes the Ruthless Edits. I just hope I can stand to be ruthless enough. I should probably take a bit of a break so I can be a little more objective, but I get antsy when I don't have a writing project, and I'm not certain I can stand to put Dragon Bait away when I've got so much momentum going. I guess we'll see.

Two: Coolest Summary Evar

rocket blast off

I was surfing through my Netflix account when I came across the following Summary:
When a stunt pilot stumbles across an experimental Nazi jet pack, he becomes a target for mobsters, spies, FBI agents and millionaire Howard Hughes.
That is just the coolest summary ever. It makes me want to hear this story. I am really hoping I can come up with something that sounds even half as cool when I need to write my query letters.

The movie, by the way, is Disney's The Rocketeer, which is now on my Instant Stream List. I didn't have the time to watch it this weekend, but that summary really sold me, so now I have to make time to watch it.

A Third, Dorky Thing

fancy mantis
Mantis by Mike

I felt like this was a very list-like sort of post, so I wanted a third topic to make it more listy. I could have come up with something cool and writerly. Instead I shall tell you something random.

My husband has nagged me into playing Magic: The Gathering. It is the dorkiest card game known to man. I think that's a pretty good description.

You have two dueling decks, mana, creature cards that attack each other, and spells you can cast. See? Dorky.

Well, the dorky thing I am going to tell you is this: my current favorite card is the Mantis Rider. It's a blue/white/red flying mantis. With haste and vigilance! This actually means things if you play the game. That is how dorky this game is.

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