Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Links: Blog Traffic, Fun with Words and Diversity

I enjoyed a few articles I read recently, so I'm sharing them in this week's post.

Blog Optimization!

adorable little girl writing
I'm not nearly this adorable when I write, so I've gotta find ways to compensate.

I'm not very good at blogging. I post regularly, which I hear is smart, but to keep from going crazy I only post once a week which is bad form, you know.

I was reading through Chuck Sambuchino's (editor of Guide to Literary Agents and Writer's Digest staffer) blog post about blog traffic. One of the comments led me to this nifty link to check out my blog's SEO (search engine optimization).

traffic in a city
Traffic - like blog "traffic". Get it? I'm so clever.

I put my blog site in and learned that my title wasn't long enough, my pictures needed "ALT text" (text to describe a photo), and I needed a blog description.

That's why I did a slight overhaul on my blog. I'm not sure the headline's the best, but, hey, it's apparently the right length.

For Fun and Literature

You can always get a bad review. No matter what you've written, there are people out there who are going to hate it. It's a fact of life. Well, here's a few highlights from bad reviews of classics novels.

Pixar's La Luna, row boat and moon
From Pixar's La Luna by NASA APPEL

Nobody likes a long description. Here's the Pixar movies in 140 characters or less, à la Twitter.

Ursula K. Le Guin is one of the most respected science fiction and fantasy authors out there. That's why in 2004, the Sci Fi Channel that was (it's now the SyFy Channel) turned her much-loved Earthsea series into a TV Mini-series. They also turned her very diverse world into a very white world, which pissed her off. And, what the hell, while I'm at it, here's Chris Rock's take on what it means to be black in Hollywood.

Amon, Avatar villain from Legend of Korra
Awesome cosplay of Amon, the villain from The Legend of Korra

While I'm discussing diversity, here's an article on the last episode of The Legend of Korra, a very diverse cartoon with a ton of kick-ass women. Incidentally, Korra was preceded by a TV show called Avatar: The Last Airbender, which was a big hit. Its movie, however, was plagued by white-washing the title character (and much of the rest of the cast) and, apparently, a pretty crappy script. The movie was a total flop.

Also, this homemade picture book on etsy is adorable.

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