Wednesday, March 25, 2015

In Which I Play The Describing Game

Description is one of my weaknesses. It's hard and usually boring, dangit. But ever since I read Rick Riordan's description of the entrance into Hades as a cross between the New Jersey Turnpike and airport security (from The Lightning Thief) I realized description could be awesome.

Okay, so that might not have been the first time I had that realization, but it was the most recent. I mean, how great is that describerizing? Sounds pretty hellish to me.

And it just so happened that I had several hours as a back-seat passenger on the way to my Very Important Meeting (referenced last week). I entertained myself by figuring out how to describe the scenery.

This photo was basically all I had for a while:

glowing moon sliver
Photo by Jeff Gamble

Only my moon sliver was more on its left side.

The easy description here is the Cheshire Cat grin. Bright smile and all that, but it didn't feel true to my moon.

It took a while, but I decided that my moon looked much more like she was showing off her bright, glowing belly.

Then an orange glow started pushing at the dark night sky.

At first it was sleepy (like me):
sunrise and moon sliver
Photo by Laurel F

But then the glow started to wake up the sky:
sunrise in the mountains
Photo by Ken_Lord

And you know what? The describing game is actually kind of fun.

I didn't take my own photos, but I felt like these ones did the job quite nicely. That is all for today.

Thank you.

(And, yes, I am ever so super entertaining on long car trips - especially crazy early in the morning.)


  1. For some fun descriptions, check out Tom Holt's books. He loves mashing up various pop culture / classic SF references to describe architecture and it makes me laugh a lot. It's a little similar to Douglas Adams' work in that way. I think one of them was something like "early Dalek with strong Mordor influences" to describe a city building.

    1. Thanks, Miriam. I haven't ready anything by him, but similar to Douglas Adams sounds like something I ought to look into.