Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Van Gogh Inspired Daffodils

I spent a fair amount of my weekend finishing my daffodil painting. It's meant to be van Gogh inspired in that I tried to really show my brush strokes, and I didn't necessarily bother with the colors of nature.

I'm not sure it ended up looking very van Gogh-like, but I do like the painting. (And since I spent my weekend painting rather than writing my blog post, this is what you're getting this week. Plus I wanted to show it off. I'm rather proud of this painting.)

Here is the finished work:
daffodil painting

I took two photos while I was painting, and I always find the artistic process interesting, so, on the off chance you're like me, here are those two photos:

incomplete daffodil painting
Rather ugly, right?

ghost daffodil painting
Ghost Daffodils.
You'd think I was nearly done here, but those daffodils took forever.

I think I'm going to frame the painting and put it in the little writing nook I fashioned for myself.

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