Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Willy-nilly Wednesday: A Linky Post

Tons of blogs do link round-ups and have cool names for them. I do not. I'm gonna pretend that "Willy-nilly Wednesday" might suffice, but I'm certain you'll never see it again. It's not even particularly descriptive.

But, to be honest, I've got other things on my mind. For work this week, I'm off to a Very Important Meeting. Last year I was so anxious I nearly chewed through my lip. This year, my lip is merely gnawed about the edges. I know it'll get easier the more I have to attend, but I truly cannot imagine ever wanting to go. So this week you're getting a collection of links that struck me as interesting or funny. Because that felt easiest.

elegant centaur
'Tis a gay and noble centaur.

First off, if you follow Reddit, you most likely saw this post. Somebody decided to dream up some very, er, helpful? self-help books. They created the front and back cover and front and back flap of the book. I have to wonder exactly what book they put them on. My favorite is definitely So Your Son Is A Centaur: Coping With Your Child's Confusing Life Choices.

fat centaur
The first centaur was rawther majestic.
This one made me snort a bit.
Photo by Ed Schipul.

Chuck Wendig's blog has its profanity-filled moments (consider this fair warning), but just when I was feeling particularly down-hearted about my lack of querying success, he put out this blog post. It basically says that sure there are people to which this whole writing/arting/whatevering thing comes naturally. But everybody's definition of what it means to be "talented" is subjective. There will always be people that hate something, no matter what. So you've got to be okay with that and you've got to work and keep going and hopefully get lucky too - but mostly you've got to keep working.

Sure, you might not be the next J.K. Rowling (you know, the first author to make a billion dollars from their writing - I always hear about her as the "first" but then nobody ever has another name to throw into that pot, so for now I'm thinking she's the only billion-dollar author.)
Anyway, Chuck's post was a bit rambly. His posts usually are (like I'm one to talk). I might have missed a point or two, but you get the gist of it.

Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation
Photo by Aviva West

I found this fun tally of some of the books that were made up for Parks and Recreation. Aw, that Leslie Knope. She's crazy.

Terry Pratchett
Photo from Myrmi

Then there was the sad news of the week. Beloved author Terry Pratchett died at age 66. That seems far too young to me, but at least we can appreciate the legacy he left behind. The Guardian has an article that I enjoyed very much, and XKCD did a tribute too. He had a beautiful imagination.


  1. I was so sorry to hear about Terry Pratchett. He seemed like such a remarkable person.

    I did love your hilarious photos and links, though. Thank you for sharing them, as I can always use a smile. (Who couldn't, really??) I'm glad that your solution to a difficult time is to focus on the fun/funny stuff. That's a great way to be!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you! Sometimes I let myself get down, but, really, what does that accomplish?

      Plus, there are a lot of very fun things in the world - like, er, stately centaurs.