Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Drawing of A Faraway Place (That I've Been!)

I've been having fun plotting a refresh of one of my old, beloved books. I've got a whole mythology going and about 15 pages worth of outline. Sometimes its more fun to outline than to actually write. It's hard to muck up an outline (and if you do, you can just change up your bullet points!) It's so much harder to actually write an engaging chapter.

But enough of that. I've got something else to share that's probably a bit more fun to look at. This week I wanted to make a card of sorts for a co-worker who just happened to be in Italy at the same time as me. And so I used this picture I took from Il Duomo's bell tower (oh, the stairs!):

Florence view, il duomo

And a piece of 8.5" by 11" paper and my pastels and drew this:

Florence drawing, the dome, Sarah Hipple

The first time I drew the little rounded windows below the dome, I saw two eyes staring straight back at me. I did a bit of shading and highlighting to minimize the staring eyes effect, but honestly now I've seen them, they can't be unseen.

And I've just told all of you about them too. How do you like the owly Il Duomo of Florence?

I think my proportions are a bit off, and the cross on top of the dome looks a bit like it might fall over, but overall I like the effect.

Now I just have to learn how to describe things with words as I draw them with pastels. One of these days I'd like to think my word paintings might even outshine my paint paintings. I do spend far more time on the word paintings, and I hear that practice makes perfect. Or at least it helps.


  1. I saw a face on the cap of our mustard bottle. Once you see a face, you can't unsee it. Nice painting :)

    1. You'll have to show me your mustard bottle next time I'm over. I'm having a hard time picturing a face on any mustard bottle I know of.