Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Hideous Creation: Purple Soup

I'll admit, my posts lately have not been terribly relevant to my writing. I've been plugging along with the writing, but I can't think of anything interesting to say about it all. And I prefer to keep my blog interesting - at least in my own deluded mind.

Bowls of purple soup
Bonus: a wee bit of my husband's foot. Not in the soup. Just in the picture.

This week's topic is one of my more interesting culinary creations: Purple Soup.

You see, I consider recipes to be more of a jumping off point than an actual set of guidelines - unless I'm baking. Baking is too darn finicky for that. Which is why I rarely bake.

Recipes for which I actually have to go out and buy the ingredients (rather than already having them at home) end up the victim of my random substitutions and my poor memory. I typically head to the store and think, "Oh, yeah, I wanted to make that Winter Minestrone soup." But I've only got the vaguest recollection of the recipe.

purple soup plus carrots
Note the pretty orange carrots and the rather grayish-purple potatoes.

This is how I ended up with purple soup:

I remembered my recipe for Winter Minestrone called for cabbage, so the next time I was at the store, I saw a purple cabbage and thought, "Oooo. Pretty." I threw some parsnips in the cart, decided I had enough of the other ingredients and was on my way.

Turns out purple cabbage bleeds into the rest of the soup.

The recipe also called for blending, and I did blend one bowl before deciding it didn't substantially improve the taste and made it look less like food and more like gray-purple mud:

blended purple soup
Mmmmmmm. Right?

I would just like to note that the soup itself is actually quite delicious.

PURPLE SOUPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!best soup ever

Sorry. I don't know what came over me. I blame the soup.

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