Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Very Own Dragon

Oops. Looks like I missed last week's post. I had some purple soup to show off and everything. But that is going to have to wait because this week I was given a Dragon!

crocheted dragon
She says, "Hi!"

Her name Yarnlord Patches: Master of the Seven Rooms. You may address her as Your Yarnship.

stuffed dragon
Her tail is pulled around a little funny, but you get a better idea of just how awesome she is.

My husband like to think of her as Yarnlord Atarka because "Patches" is not a terribly fearsome name, and he's a Magic The Gathering addict, but she only allows her friends to refer to her as Patches, so I think it's okay. It shows she has a softer side.

crocheted dragon tail
Look at all that crocheting!

My wonderful and awesome friend Camilla (Hi!) made me the dragon because of the book I wrote about dragons and also because, apparently, she was willing to spend untold hours crocheting a dragon. As previously mentioned, she's awesome (and also reads this blog!)

I may have a bit of a fight on my hands because my husband has claimed the dragon for himself.

reading to his dragon
They're reading together. Probably browsing my blog.

His clever method of claiming involved saying, "I'm claiming her. She's mine now." He ignored my protests and went so far as to say, "Wow, that is the coolest thing anyone's ever made for me!" while I ground my teeth in annoyance.

And, because you can't see this bit, I'm going to tell you that Patches even smells good. Because she is an awesome dragon, and she is mine, all mine! (Although my husband might disagree.)

sleeping with dragons
This is a phone quality photo, but I personally thought it was rather adorable. I'm biased, though.

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  1. **waves hi**

    So glad she's found an awesome home! :)