Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Photographic Inspiration

I have a wee bit of a Reddit addiction. When I want to waste a little bit of time, I'll head on over. And sometimes I accidentally waste way more time than just a little bit.

But this week I saw something truly beautiful that I want to share with anyone who's reading. Photographer Amos Chapple (this is a link to his site, which is also awesome - but I want to yabber a little before linking to the gorgeousness that inspired this post) took a series of aerial photos across the world (Russia seems particularly well represented). He took these photos using a drone, which is apparently illegal these days. He took them before such a thing was illegal, and it's amazing seeing the world from above.

aerial drone, photography
Amos' photos are copyrighted, but this is a drone from Kevin Baird.

Usually I've got zero patience for any photo album that's got more than ten photos. Not here. Each and every photo is gorgeous. Photos like this transport you and make you appreciate the beauty of the world. It's so easy to forget sitting here behind our computer terminals.

I'd like to recommend clicking on each photo. It'll take a while to get through, but it's worth it to experience the photo without any distraction. At least it was to me.

This is the link to the Imgur album (you may have to click the thing at the end to view all). This is the Reddit post that links to Imgur. These are the same photos at his site instead. He provides interesting context, and I love that he focuses on man-made beauty. I'm personally apt to admire natural landscapes and ignore the wonders of the human world.


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