Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Latest Exploration into CRAYONS!

crayon drip fish art

If you recall, my friend crocheted me the awesomest dragon ever. So I wanted to make her something in return. After much introspection and stalking of her Pinterest page, I thought up the idea of crayon-drippery, koi-flippery art. She's a fan of koi fish, and she had some crayon drip-art pinned.

My blog seems to have turned into a Sarah Creativity Blog rather than a Strictly Writing Blog (although still a Mostly Writing Blog). This is yet another arty post because, honestly, I think my artwork's cool, and I think making art is cool.

I watched a few tutorials (I particularly liked this one) for some ideas on how exactly to do this whole melty crayon business. Thanks to the linked tutorial, I bought a heat gun (because I've no patience for that hairdryer nonsense and other tutorials said that took ages) and a ruler to help spread out the crayon-waxy goodness.

Then I drew, markered, striped crayons, cut crayons, glued crayons, and got to melting. Since that is an incredibly boring statement, I have photos!

crayons for drip art
I've just denuded my crayons, oh my.

making art
The markers used on my fishes and the crayon papery bits.

And now for the before and after photos! First comes the fish drawing, then the finished colorful crayony fish.

Sadly, for my third fish, I forgot a "before" photo, so you got to see it up top. I did five total.

koi crayon fish
Meet Fish #1.

I think of Fish # 2 as my French Fish.
Mai Oui!
(Pre-crayon, he's my favorite.)

The top two were easy to put side by side because they're vertical. I couldn't come up with a good side by side solution for the last two, so they're a bit bigger. But I like them better anyway. They're more vibrant - I got better at that as I practiced.

koi drawing
koi crayon drip art

koi drawing, sarah hipplekoi crayon art, sarah hipple

And to think, I just spent all that time googling how to put two photos side by side in Blogger, decided mucking about in the code wasn't worth it, and now I just accidentally did it. Just for that, things are staying as they are. (I forgot my last fish was vertical as well until I went to add her.)

Sometimes in art, writing, and life you accidentally hit upon exactly what you were looking for. Doesn't happen too often, but when it does it's pretty cool. As are my fish.

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